High Quality Plasma Cutting and Oxy-Fuel Cutting Services

Posted on June 22nd, 2016 by RWM Admin

Our advanced Plasma and High Definition Plasma techniques can cut with exceptional speed on light gauge material with little or no warpage. Our computer controlled torches are extremely accurate and are tested often for quality purposes to make sure that every product is up to our high standards.

Multi-torch oxy-fuel cutting machines produce accurate and economical shapes from plate ranging in thickness from 3/8″ to 8″. Every piece of metal is inspected after the cutting process in order to ensure that the metal has not warped.

Computerized drafting & nesting software help to map out every single cut to ensure quality control and uniformity. Our drafting department can handle CAD drawings in a variety of formats as well as paper drawings and templates. Trace Metal Works only uses CNC Controlled Torches in order to ensure part accuracy.

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